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2.0 Review

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Director: S. Shankar

Producers: Lyca Productions , Dharma Productions , AA Films

Cast: Rajinikanth , Akshay Kumar , Amy Jackson , Sudhanshu Pandey

Public review: 2.0

Rajinikanth starrer 2.0 is a non-stop glitzy extravagant entertainer, with some terrific VFX and 3D effects. The sci-fi movie directed by Shankar, is a fantastic thriller starring Rajinikanth. A one-man entertainment troupe with his unique style and swag. The film works largely because of Rajinikanth and the amazing 3D format, the closest an Indian film has reached to Hollywood standards.

However, the word mouth has positive response towards the film and it is even assumed that the people out in theaters are also enjoying the movie. To know more and to know about how did the movie performed ? Did the audience like the movie? We have come up with the public reviews shot by our BT reporter Harnidh Kaur.

Divya Solgama:

The direction is a master at triggering entire sets of sequences with a plain ‘what if’ thought. We’ve seen it earlier in Indian in which Kamal Haasan was cast as an old man who tried to change the system. The director Shankar has perfectly shown up every colours of the film.

In 2.0, the thought that‘what if is the’ after effects of the disappearance in the entire first half and it’s entirely to the director’s credit that he keeps us hooked. Just savour the mind-boggling image of millions of cellphones swirling in the air and forming a giant wave.

In the second half, when you’ll be treated to an action sequence between two giant creatures in a packed stadium. These are the kind of packed visuals you’ve got to watch in 3D, as the makers expect you to, and the kind of imagery that we’ve perhaps never seen before in Indian cinema.

Bhawana Somaaya:

The story in a Rajnikanth film has never been important because the audience come to watch the superstar. They clap before he makes an entry, clap while he makes an entry and clap as long as he is on screen.What works about the film is primarily the message – Love birds and save environment and the concept.

Writer director tells you an amazing story of imagination where mobile phones transform into all kinds of shapes and forms. It bursts into the sky like a cyclone, becomes a wave and engulfs buildings, structures, nature and human beings. The VFX are first rate and the cinematography seductive. AR Rehman’s music is engaging and so are the characters.

Critic Rating: 3/5 Stars

The Times of India

The presence of these two superstars is one of the main reasons why 2.0 feels like a grand, big-ticket movie.The makeup and costumes are highlights of the movie, too. The effort to create Akshay’s character is really detailed you don’t need to be a VFX guru to realise that the characters of 2.0 really look authentic.

The background score by AR Rahman and Qutub-E-Kripa also adds to feel of this futuristic film. While the movie certainly looks world-class, the writing doesn’t always live up to the expectations. It’s Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s star power that really saves the day for this magnum opus.

Critic Rating: 3/5 Stars

The Hindu

2.0 has been in the making for a long time, and the makers kept attributing the delay to the special effects’ department. When you watch this two-hour-48-minute drama unfold on the big screen, you understand why.

This business called 3D, that’s the future. If director Rajamouli proved that you could delve into the past and create engaging stories with rajas, Shankar affirms that a peek into the future and a storyline revolving around robots can be worthwhile as well.

Rajeev Masand:

That film explored interesting ideas like what might happen if a machine acquired feelings, and the classic Frankenstein’s monster scenario of the creation turning on its creator. This film asks that we ruminate on our troubling dependence on cell phones, and the effects of mobile tower radiation on the environment and especially on birds.

Sure 2.0 is mostly humorless and doesn’t have the lightness of touch that it could’ve done with. But the action, the VFX, and the sheer spectacle on display allow me to forgive many of its faults. Shortcomings notwithstanding, it is the victory of vision. Shankar has shown us that slick special effects blockbusters are very much within our grasp.

Critic Rating: 3/5 Stars

Anupama Chopra

Is there such a thing as an over-fertile imagination? What is that tipping point when dazzling becomes exhausting? And how many versions of Superstar Rajinikanth can one film juggle successfully?

Shankar’s cinema uniquely combines scale with social message. Just in case you’ve missed the point of this film, at the end, Dr. Vaseegaran spells it out again.

Like everything else in 2.0, it’s a tiring overdose.But you need to see the film just to see what ambition and imagination and the confluence of talented artists among others, VFX supervisor Srinivas Mohan, cinematographer Nirav Shah, sound designer Resul Pookutty and editor Anthony can create.  And of course, you need to see it to appreciate the singular sensation that Rajinikanth continues to be. At one point Chitti declares bhag jana mere software mein nahin hai. That’s my new motto.

Critic Rating: 3/5 Stars

Komal Natta:

Shankar’s direction is phenomenal. He has given the film a grand scale and has made it in a way that people will be blown off their minds with the computer graphics and visual effects, both of which are of international standards. The 3D conversion (by Prime Focus) is also terrific. A.R. Rahman’s music is ordinary. Background music is impactful.

Bosco-Caesar’s choreography is fair. Nirav Shah’s cinematography is absolutely outstanding. The prosthetics (by Legacy Effects) deserve distinction marks. Action and stunts (by Kenny Bates, Nick Powell, Steven Griffin and Silva) are thrilling and exciting.

Production designing (by T. Muthuraj) is of an excellent standard. Anthony’s editing is sharp. Dubbing is lovely. On the whole, 2.0 (dubbed) is a surefire hit and will keep everyone associated with the film as also the audience very happy. It can easily touch the 100-crore mark in the first weekend itself.


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