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2.0 Vs Zero: Which Song Is More Mind-Boggling? Tu Hi Re Or Mere Naam Tu

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The two immensely loved songs that released this week was from the 2 most anticipated movies one is 2.0 and the other is Zero. The maker of Zero released their first song Mere Naam Tu. In the press conference meet of Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 released the hindi version of their first song Tu Hi Re.

Now talking about the two songs:

Mere Naam Tu, the song showcases SRK wooing Anushka Sharma who’s playing a physically disabled character in the movie. Beautifully choreographed with the mixture of Shah Rukh Khan’s romance in a room with splash of colours, this song undoubtedly is one which can be played on loop. It released on Nov 22 and has garnered more than 23M views till now.

While, Tu Hi Re which released yesterday is another mind-boggling love song featuring Rajinikanth who will be portraying Chitti (like in Enthiran) and Amy Jackson who is his love interest in the song seems to be a robot too. Although there’s no confirmation of her role but she will definitely be playing a pivotal one! The song released last evening and in less than 24 hours have garnered more than 3.4M views.

Mere Naam Tu in Zero and Tu Hi Re in 2.0 might both be romantic songs but what sets them apart is the genre of the movies.

The movie Zero is a flick based on the life of Bauua Singh with a touch of science fiction to it, while 2.0 is a complete mystery sci-fi thriller, based on its VFX and is entirely fictional.


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