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5 Times When Alia Bhatt Proved To Be ‘Bhot Hard’

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‘Mere Boyfriend Ke saath gulu gulu karegi toh dhoptaungi na usko’ from Gully boy earned a lot of claps and praises for Safeena i.e. Alia Bhatt. No doubt she is a brilliant actress and her role in Gully Boy made the audience wonder, ‘Yaar Kya Khaati Hai Ye’. Alia Bhatt is like a battery fully charged with talent. The actress stands out as Safeena irrespective having limited screen appearance in the movie Gully Boy.

Alia Bhatt has left no stone unturned to give her 200% to anything she takes up be it the character of secret agent in Raazi, the character of any other ordinary girl Kaira or character of Haryanvi immigrant in Udta Punjab the actress has nailed them all.

She never fails to surprise her fans with the different colours she shows on the screen with every new movie and new character. Looking back at the history of roles played by Alia on the screen let us have a look at the best shades of the actress.



Starting off with her latest flick, this movie has surely been the best movie with an actress in the lead, in terms of collection as well as story-line and entertainment, not just for the critics but for all kinds of people worldwide! Alia was at her best in this movie. This movie saw Alia play the role of undercover RAW agent, Sehmat who is married into a Pakistani family by her father so that she can get some valuable information from the enemies. Nobody could have played this role better than Alia. The actress brought life to the character with the look she was given in the movie and obviously her superb acting skills!

2 States


The role of Ananya Swaminathan was played by Alia when she had just started her character. 2 States was a cinematic representation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel with the same name. Alia portrayed the character of Ananya pretty welland we still remember the ‘Dowry Is Below Self Respect’ Speech she gave in the movie. It was then that the audience started loving this cute Bollywood diva.

 Udta Punjab

This proves out to be Alia’s best career performance till date. Based on the issue of excessive production and intake of drugs and illegal activities circulating over whole of Punjab, this is one RAW and Rave movie that Bollywood made for the first time, getting mass appreciation from all over the country, and where Alia, for her role as a farmer, who speaks rural language, is seen to be throwing a commendable performance, worth loads of appreciation! The actress’s performance made her stand out even though she shared screen space with Kareena Kapoor.

Dear Zindagi


Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi played the character of girl next door Kaira who like everyone else is living a budy life in Mumbai. What follows next is story of a girl suffering through Depression. Alia connected with the audience in a more realistic manner looking completely natural. Her problems in the movie are like everyone else. This is sure shot a great movie to watch.


In this movie Alia Bhatt played the role of Veera. She is been kidnapped by Randeep Hooda. And then she discovers the true meaning of life. Suffering from Sexual abuse in her childhood, the way she expressed herself in the climax is worth watching. This movie sets the benchark of Alia Bhatt’s acting career though her debut movie was SOTY. Highway saw more of Alia Bhatt and way she expresses herself in the movie after being kidnapped is indeed adorable.

Alia Bhatt as an actress flaunts just the right amount of sass, gorgeous dimples and  adaa wale nakhras. She is known for her sartorial sense, her choice of scripts and for grasping the true essence of all her characters. She is truly immensing as an excellent actress with the right amount of attitude and grace.

We simply cannot wait to see her in upcoming movie Bramhastra sharing screen space with legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan and rumoured boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.


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