Home News A Guy Downloaded URI From Torrents, Got Served With A Savage Message!

A Guy Downloaded URI From Torrents, Got Served With A Savage Message!

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Bollywood has been fighting piracy since forever now. Tons of popular flicks get released on Torrents as soon as they hit the theatres. While filmmakers put their blood and sweat into films along with investment worth of crores of rupees, their revenue often get damaged due to circulation of pirated copies of the films. And with OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar growing superfast, it has become very hard for films to survive in the theatres for more than two weeks.

A Guy Downloaded URI From Torrents, Got Served With A Savage Message!

With active watch over illegal cyber activities including piracy and strict punishments to the offenders, we are trying our best to curb piracy. But what the makers of ‘URI: The Surgical Strike’ did certainly deserves an applause.

A guy named Arin Mandal downloaded 3.8 GB sized URI movie from Torrents. But what happened next came as a surprise and a lesson for us. The movie he downloaded was a copy of the footage that was circulated by the filmmakers themselves. It contained a savage message against the piracy and trailer of the film in loop.

URI the surgical Strike 3.8gb torrent theke download Kore eta sunte Holo😑😑😑Baki purota trailer diye rekheche😨😨😨Theater Chalo ,R churi kora jabena Yeh Naya Hindusthan hai <3 <3 ❤️Nya Soch K liye Salute ✊✊✊

Arin Mandal द्वारा इस दिन पोस्ट की गई मंगलवार, 15 जनवरी 2019

Yami Gautam is seen saying, “Jab hamari army unki territory me ghuskar aatankvaadio ko maar sakti hai, to kya hum aapke torrent me nahi ghus sakte?

Vicky Kaushal says, “Picture dekhiye garv se. Theatre me jaakar.

Yami Gautam adds, “Chori chhipe, illegal download karke nahi.”

This is the most savage trick cum innovative marketing gimmick URI team has come up with. It deserves all the applause.
The footage is going viral on Facebook. It will not only promote the movie, but also help boost the anti-piracy movement.

Trailer of URI, Movie On Surgical Strike Is Out, And It Is The Best Thing You'll See Today!

This is not the first time we’ve seen such gimmick. It was earlier done by makers of Gujarati film Karsandas. They also made similar video along with trailer in loop and packaged it to look like a leaked full length film. It was done around 1st April 2017 as part of the April fool prank.


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