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Akshay Kumar Explains How 2.0 Is A Film For Global Audience

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The Big Blockbuster film 2.0 is all set to make it’s auidence swing with technology, with different attempt this time Akshay Kumar is coming up to convey a global message on climate change.

Akshay explains, why this movie 2.0 is a film global based audience, according to him, there is a moment in the story that emphasizes the other living creatures on planet earth. It says that the planet not only belongs to the human race but also to animals and birds. Though animals and plants cannot raise their voice against human beings, they have the right to live. So do not spoil the mother nature.

The film is a sequel of ‘Enthiran’ released in 2010 and written and directed by S Shankar. It featured Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Akshay is working with Shankar for the first time. On interacting with media Akshay speak up about his relation with Shankar.

While he said, “We used to speak in Marathi on the sets and we used to enjoy that. Shankar is a brilliant director to work with and he is a very humble man. It was so interesting to see how he would add a quirk of entertainment in any or every dialogue of our daily conversation.

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He is a very professional person. He narrated me the whole story, the screenplay and I knew each character of the film from the beginning. I was impressed by the concept and wondered why nobody has explored the subject so far,” said Akshay

When he was asked if the extensive use of technology would overpower the core story of the film, Akshay said, “I do not think so. I would rather say that the use of technology has enhanced the narration. The global message of the film comes across crystal clear.

The film that reportedly had a Budget of Rs 543 crore is considered the most expensive film of India made in 3D. The actor urges the audience to watch the film in 3D at the theatre. The trailer of the film was released on November 3, while the movie ‘2.0‘ is releasing on November 29.


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