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BT’s Judgement: It’s All Shreeshant Fault

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The contestants in the Bigg Boss house did not start the week on a very happy note.

Bigg Boss also announced this week’s luxury budget task – Hitman.

Romil and Sreesanth were chosen as the hitmen and as a part of the task they will be hired by a contestant to kill a housemate in exchange of a sum of money.

A treasure will have coins with various price amounts which will total to Rs. 45 lakhs and using each coin will subtract that amount from the total prize money.

In the last episode, we saw Bigg Boss reprimanding contestants for flouting rules following which he asked captain of the house Karanvir to nominate two people for breaking maximum rules.

The contestants will take those coins and give it to the hitman. The inner of the luxury budget task will be in the captaincy race.

Sreesanth loses his calm when Romil stops him from eliminating Rohit. Sreesanth leaves the task midway and tells Romil that he can continue as he wishes to.

Megha is also eliminated for Rs. 3.90 lakhs. Karanvir and Deepak are both targeting Rohit and the former gives a coin to eliminate him. Rohit is eliminated for Rs. 3.6 lakhs.

Tomorrow is going to quite interesting since Bigg Boss will declare the winner of the luxury budget task. However for now in the BT’s judgement this time it’s all Sreesanth.


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