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BT’s Judgement It’s All Srishty’s Fault

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The big boss house was full of romance as every one danced on different romantic songs.Salman made the mood more romantic for people in the house at the big boss. Today’s in the BT’s judgement the allegations are on Srishty Rode.It’s that when Srishty entered the big boss house, her boyfriend Manish was there to support her.

Even when Sreesanth called Srishty in the pannel he also called Manish to defend her.It seems that Manish is proving himself truely, he always support Srishty and from the start he is with him as a right Fiance.When it comes to Shristy the allegations are that, she is busy with rohit and playing all over a different ball game in the big boss house.

Outside the house, his boyfriend Manish is very upset with her looking at the episode and how Srishty is becoming. It she wanted to stay in the big boss house there were different ways, but it seems that she took up the wrong side to be in the game. Well according to the BT’s judgement it all Sishty’s fault in the end.


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