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Chamma Chamma Song Actress Elli Avram Exclusive Interview

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“There was a rumored about me that a person has provided me body guard, security a lot of things. “

Elli AvrRam who has started her Bollywood journey with the movie Mickey Virus opposite Manish Paul. This gorgeous lady has recently done an item song. She recreated the modern version of Chamma Chamma with her hot dance move. The actor got candid with Bollywood times to share her amazing experience while shooting the song, her excitement level and more…

Can you just share the experience when you were shooting for the item song Chamma Chamma?
I just enjoyed every moment of this song. The experience was quite good.

Which one you liked the most the old version of Chamma Chamma or the new the news version?
I like the both the old and the new one. In the new one I love the beats, Neha’s voice and my look. Overall I like everything about the new version of Chamma Chamma.

Do you feel any pressure while doing the song like if the audience will like it or not?
I was aware about that the audience will be going to compare the old version with the new version. I can’t force anyone to like the song and say good things about it because people have their own choice. If the audience liked it then its good if they not then also it’s fine.

Did you get the vibes that this song will be hit when it will be out?
I don’t know about others, but I personally liked it very much. I was just waiting for the release of the song so that I can play the song in car, my home, when I am going for party and everywhere. Because the beat is so nice that when the song star playing you will automatically feel the dancing vibe in you. So I had not thought about that the song will be hit or not I just enjoyed from my prospective.

Tell us what was the most difficult part in the shooting of item song?
So when I was shooting for Chamma Chamma I was wearing the long Lehenga and the high heels so when I was doing the hook step of Chamma Chamma song the heels was getting stuck in the dress and pulling it. So sometimes it happened that I was just about to fall because of the Lehenga and high heels. And this thing happened many times when I was shooting for this song.

And because of this we had to take many retakes and then pin up the skirt properly so that I don’t fall again and again. Also when you were shooting for the item song then you have to wear high heels for many hours and dance for the shoot. The high heels really put out a lot of pressure on your muscles and because of that you become so tired. But you know what when you were enjoying your work then all these thing doesn’t matter you just enjoy the moment.

Tell us one more song that you want to recreate and do dance move on that?
I want to recreate the song Tip Tip Barsa Paani and I want Akshay to be co-stars with me in this song. And the hooks step I can’t show you right now. (Laugh)
One Hindi hit song which you want to recreate with Salman Khan?
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, it’s just beautiful. (So we have a segment where you have to be honest and quick with your answer the segment called as honest confession by the actors)

Your cheat food?
Burger and pizza

One thing that you always carries in your bag?
Mobile phone

Which is the most frequent app you, use in the mobile phone?

Your first go to person in any situation?
Apart from my parents that would be my friend in Sweden Nida

Whom do you call so frequently?
My manager.

One rumored that you heard about yourself?
There was a rumored that, actually not rumor it was an article where it was written that a person has provided me body guard, security a lot of things and I am staying at this one place for last 6 month. All I want to say that it was just ridiculous. I literally wanted to know that who was the person that had wrote the article about me.

Your favorite vacation destination?


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