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Do Social Media Trolls Bother Priyanka Chopra? 

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The actress Priyanka Chopra is setting out the couple goals in the internet, posting with her love Nick the adorable pictures of the season catching that caught the fans attention now a days. In the recent Facebook event called Social For Good Priyanka speak out on the social issues.

Priyanka shared her views on depression and a lot more. The actor is driving conversations with some of the biggest names in the popular culture.

As we all know social media plays a very vital role in recent times to bring awareness about issues. PeeCee at the event also spoke about how celebs are being targeted and have to go through trolls every now and then.

As a part of the panelist, the bride-to-be is talking about creating an environment where people will openly discuss their mental health.

When she was asked about trolls that are taking place in social media she responded it saying, “Trollers have their own life. If they do negative comments, why not focus on the positive comments.”

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Further adding, “These trolls have the nastiest things to say, but they won’t say it in face.”  According to PeeCee, how her fans are amazing and that they are her personal army.

Priyanka is there to send out some positive message and looks like she is being an inspiration. Meanwhile, popular celebs like Ram Charan’s wife Upasana, Soundarya Rajinikanth among others are also a part of the discussion.


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