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Early Morning Kiss Of Love From Daughter Nitara Made Mommy Twinkle’s Day

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A mother is the most precious person in the life on everyone about which we cannot describe completely in the words.

It’s like being a mother is one of the most daunting and arduous task. A mother is the most beautiful and caring person in our lives.

For being a mother one has to go through an emotional and physical turmoil to see a part of their soul walk the earth.

However, every pain becomes meaningful when the little one can be seen right in front of your eyes. Those teeny-tiny feet and hands fill you up with love.

This can be said about mothers in general and, to be specific, our very own Mrs Funnybones, Twinkle Khanna.

The actress-turned-author took to Twitter, to share a glimpse of a tender moment between her daughter and herself.

In the photo, she can be seen with her daughter Nitara in a garden. Nitara can be seen kissing her mommy Twinkle on the cheek and it’s an adorable sight to behold.

Twinkle captioned the photo and wrote, “This is the only reason why mothers take on the arduous task of spending months and months and months looking like an elephant and feeling like a cow. #ALittleLoveGoesALongWay,” she wrote in her tweet.

On the work front, Twinkle Khanna’s latest book, Pyjamas Are Forgiving was launched a few months back and was appreciated by the readers.

She is also the creative person behind the other books like The Legends of Lakshmi Prasad and Mrs Funnybones.


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