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Exclusive – “According To Me This Film Is A Love Story Of Sanjay Baru And Dr. Manmohan Singh.”

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The much awaited and controversial movie of B-town The Accidental Prime Minister has already got all the limelight from everyone. It seems that movie has lot of Masala and scoop for the Janta. The super talented and versatile actor Anupam Kher who has done more than 500 hundred movies in his filmy career and he wants to do many more films. The actor got candid with the Devansh Patel and shared his amazing experience while filming the movie, about the ongoing controversy on the film, his opinion, and many more…


Which was the toughest role of your life?

Every role I played on screen was tough role for me weather it is Saaransh or any other movie I had done. My movie Daddy, I rate it as one of my finest performance. Because the role was of failure alcoholic daddy who needed his dignity back. My most difficult role was Khosla Ka Ghosla!. It was very difficult to do ordinary people role and stick to the characterization, then Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara. So in my filmy career there have been films in which I had played difficult role. But when you are playing a political figure usually you have seen people playing Churchill, Gandi , Lincoln,  etc. But Dr. Manmohan is a current political man and I have never watched a Youtube video of Dr. Manmohan Singh   or that any other matter, the maximum research I had done for any movie was for the movie Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara. Because I was playing the character of Ezinma patient character  and I had no idea about Ezinma, how the patient look, or feel. For Manmohan Singh Character I have to get his walk , the way he talk it literally took me 3 months  to get all this in me, that’s why it is the most difficult role.

You are happy that you got this movie?

I am glad that I got this role, the change in cinema and the change in the audience and I am that happy that this change had not happen in coming  15 year then it would feel bad . But it’s happen when I am still there and I am still doing films. This is the path breaking film in so many manners.  I am not trying to praise myself that I have done so many things. I am saying all this things because I was able to do a political film which with the actual names of the politician and they were involved in it. Is In itself an achievement   for the Indian cinema , I am not saying all this for the film , I am saying because how long we can pretend to be sort of saying that dikha toh Manmohan Singh he rahe hai par iska naam Manmohan Singh nahi hai. Rammohan Singh rakha hai. So for that point of you when people will say after 50 years which was the first film which started the realism of political system in movies , then The Accidental Prime Minister will be the first film. So it is path breaking film from that point of you. And that’s only possible because cinema is allowing you do that. Today you can make amazing films there will be audience for it whether it’s Wednesday or for that matter Special 26.  And if we take the recent film example ‘Stree’ and that have done amazing then we haveBadhaai Ho’ , they crossed 10 crores.  It’s an amazing time for the Indian cinema.

The trailer of the movie seems very fascinating and also the trailer has little wittiness in it which comes from Sanjay Baru’s who wrote this book . But did Dr. Manmohan Singh really have that witty spunk?

First of all not that the Dr. Manmohan Singh needs the film to make him immortalize but this film will added to that he will  be moralized because we will see him as a human, very vulnerable person and also he is very funny man. There are lots of live moments in this film and also there are some of the enduring qualities of Dr. Manmohan Singh which will across his quark, his relationship everything.  Because you can make out that when you see him on you tube you realize that he very pungent sense of humor person. According to me this film is a love story of Sanjay Baru and Dr. Manmohan Singh. It is a love story of where the media advisor working with the prime minister, they were very close and suddenly something went wrong. So that is how it’s all about. I don’t perceive this film as a political film I think its love story between the media advisor and the Prime minister.

After doing this film have you ever thought  that you need a media advisor in your life?

I have never had a press advisor nor a media advisor in my life , now I have a PR company because I am doing work not only India but globally . For the 33 years and yet I think I am fairly well written because the time when I started there were wonderful friends we all made it and we main tend today also like – Ali Peter Jhon, Jyoti Ventaktesh , Bharti Pradhan Bhawana Somaaya all these are great friends of mine. So beyond every professional there are people and I relate to them so that’s why I never needed media people or advisor .

Dr. Manmohan Singh was also a finance minister of India, So according to you was he a better prime minister or better finance minister of India ?

I am not someone who can judge anyone, I think as a finance minister he did lot of reform under the prime minister Mr. Narismha Rao . There were some good qualities in him as a prime minister also but I think he could not do so many things he would have wanted to do but that is the human paradox that we can’t do. According to me he is a Shakespeare’s character Hamlet tragic figure and yet a great economist. He had done a lot of amazing things as well.

Sir tell me two movies that you immensely loved and that were adapted from a book?

Well I think the film Godfather my all-time favorite film, there are many films that are adaptation of book . This , The Accidental Prime Minister it is also adapted from the book. So I think these two for now.



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