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Exclusive – After 2.0, Director S Shankar Is Ready To Make Another Science Fiction Movie With…

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After giving a blockbuster movie on the box office, the director of 2.0 is ready to make another science fiction movie. Yes, we are talking about the filmmaker Shankar who had recently directed 2.0 film and the movie got a lot of love from the audience. Shankar is a director who is known best for his Sci-fi movie.

Now the report comes from the sources that the director Shankar wants to feature the Greek god of Bollywood in his next Science fiction movie. It was reported that the S Shankar has narrated the script to Hrithik Roshan and the latter is ‘almost on board’ for the big project.

A source in the report has been saying that Shankar has always been eager to work with Hrithik and that he has been trying for collaboration for the last four years. It further reported that the director and the superstar have been in talks for a film for months now.

According to a report by the sources, Hrithik Roshan has liked Shankar‘s next movie script and other factors including remuneration and shooting schedule are currently being worked upon. It has been claimed that Hrithik was the first choice of S Shankar for the role of Pakshi Rajan, in 2.0 but the actor Hrithik was busy shooting for his upcoming movie Super 30 at that time so he couldn’t commit.

The actor is currently working on his upcoming movie Super 30. The movie of Anand Kumar is about a Mathematics genius from a modest family in Bihar who is made to believe that only a King’s son can become a king. The movie is helmed by Vicky Behl.

Well, well we are very excited to see Hrithik with S Shakar next movie and so does Hrithik fans. Let’s see what will happen next only time will tell!


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