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Exclusive: Surveen Chawla On Pregnancy: Akshay Takes My Mood Swings; He Is Just The Most Amazing To Be Dad

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Surveen Chawla, who got married to Akshay Thakker in 2015 in a secret ceremony, is entering into a new and exciting phase of her life. She announced her pregnancy in the most adorable way. She is expecting her first baby in April and took to social media to share this amazing news with her fans. “Life happens when it chooses to happen when it wants to happen. And it is happening right now in this very moment, making our blessed and beautiful world even more blessed than what it already is! Yes, there is a miracle taking place, a miracle called life! And we are growing by two little teeny-weeny feet!!” she wrote.

Surveen is enjoying this phase and with it, she is making sure that she is taking care of her health. We got in touch with Surveen Chawla to know how excited she is to embrace motherhood. She got candid about her diet and also told how husband Akshay Thakker is supporting her.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:

You have been following your exercise routine and a video of you doing pilates recently surfaced online. How are you managing it during your pregnancy?
I think it’s the most important time that I not only stay fit for the baby but also for myself. The more I stay fit now, it will be easier for me to get back in shape and my work mode. As of now, that’s the plan. It’s just fun and it keeps you away from hormonal imbalances.

For any woman, embracing motherhood is a beautiful feeling. How excited are you to become a mother?
You know the idea of it being just beautiful is not true. It’s actually a rollercoaster ride for every woman, but a beautiful one. Having said that, the real beautiful experience will begin when the special little one is in your arms when not just the baby but a new you will be born. I can foresee that happening. You are happy, excited and anxious all at the same time. because you feel like you are not born with the knowledge of how you are going to do this, but the truth is that you are actually born to do this. You know nothing and then when the time comes, you know it all. I think the moment he or she is out in the world, that would be the real turning point – the moment of truth, the moment of change. Your body will just produce the right hormones for you to feel that your world is in our arms. This is what I make of experiences that women have had and I am looking forward to mine.

A lot of elders in the household give tips to what to eat and how to take care of yourself and the baby. Are you following any such tip?
See, it’s my job to listen to everybody and they all say with good intent. In the end, I follow only people – my doctor and myself. While I say this, there’s absolutely nothing like old mumma’s nuskas. I try and stick to everything natural. You can’t have many medications during this phase. My diet is basically home cooked food. I am a Punjabi and I love my food, especially dal, roti, and eggs. I mostly try and have desi ghee with my meals. For a very long time, the love of my life has been Rupal and she is taking care of the fact that I have the best form of endurance at the time of pregnancy. I am not one of those who is concerned with weight gain right now because you eat. The good part is that I am blessed with great genes from my mother and father.

Is there any sort of cravings?
Fortunately for me, I am not having any craving. My biggest craving is to have home cooked food, I am not feeling like to have junk or binging on outside food. For me, homemade food is the key.

How is your husband Akshay taking care of you in this phase?
Both of us have been supporting each other in different ways. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is absolutely wonderful and he is one of those who without saying jumps on to taking responsibilities. There’s nothing more, that I could have asked for. There is pampering, he takes my mood swings and he is just the most amazing to-be-dad.


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