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Exclusive: Ten Bold Statements Made By Anupam Kher Related To His Upcoming Film, The Accidental Prime Minister

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The film, The accidental prime minister which is taking all the limelight and creating controversy around the filmy world. In the movie the titled role has played by the veteran actor Anupam Kher who has done more than 500 films in his Bollywood character.

The movie, The Accidental Prime minister is based on a book by Sanjaya Baru, a former media advisor to Manmohan Singh. The Accidental Prime Minister revolves around Singh’s life, the economist and politician who served as the Prime Minister of India from 2004 to 2014 under the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government

Apupam Kher was in conversation with the senior journalist Arnab Goswami with his very popular chat show The nation wants to know where the actor had given bold statement related to his upcoming movie.

Post this film congress will pull down Rahul and Dr. Manmohan Singh can contest election as prime minister.

The actor Anupam Kher made the statement that – After the release of the accidental prime minister movie, Manmohan Singh will be so popular that the congress will say let’s put him as prime minister again.

This film will white wash Dr. Manmohan Singh’s image
When the host asked the actor that did Manmohan Singh like the movie on which Anupam responded” Manmohan Singh will be proud of me when he will watch the movie and after that he will also have a cup of tea with me”

Sonia is already a vamp in The Accidental Prime Minister Book
When Anupam Kher was asked if Sonia Gandhi’s character has been personated a ‘control-freak’ and a ‘possessive mother’, he added:

“That’s how it comes across in the book, everything that you said. We are not writing our own script. We bought the rights of the book and the book projects her like that. Why was Dr Manmohan Singh called a remote-control Prime Minister?”

I’m a real actor and not caricature artist- Anupam
“There is a thin line between caricature and real. I became obsessed and put my life into it. I feel on top of the world. The biggest compliment an actor can get is when people say I am just like him. I have worked very hard for about seven-eight months to get that result,” he said. There was no regret in playing the role, continuing further that it was his “proudest role”.

He (Singh) doesn’t change his expressions and in the film I had to convey hurt, anger, dejection, loneliness on screen. I believe, the more difficult you make your job, the more rewarding it will be, he added.

We Cannot Stop living fearing that People will Raise Voice
At a time when anyone can give their opinion on everything and anything, Kher said social media gives any random person the power to tweet and everyone will follow it.

“We have seen people protesting against MS Dhoni or Sachin Tendulkar, etc. Some random person will get up and say something about the country or anyone. We have to live in these times. In this country, it is the easiest thing to collect some people and protest and call for a ban
India Will Take my Film seriously.

Certain sections of the Congress party are like ‘this is not be taken seriously’ and we have made fun of him (Singh) in the film. I feel, after this film, he (Singh) will get inside every household and the hearts of the people of India,” Kher said.

We have showed the authentic story of Congress Internal Politics
When the host asked that the trailer seems to portray Singh as a victim of the Congress’ internal politics
On that Anupam said the filmmakers have treated the 10 years of the UPA government with utmost authenticity.

Accidental Prime Minister will make a mark of my Acting in Bollywood
I have done the film,The accidental Prime minister and this will keep me alive for the next ten years.

Manmohan Singh himself accepts being The Accidental Prime Minister
On that Anupam Kher said, Dr. Manmohan Singh said at the book launch of the, The accidental prime minister he said I also the accidental finance minister

Before the Release Congress Will not get to see The Accidental Prime Minister
No! Why should we have a special screening for Congress party? The censor board has already given the permission to release the movie. The only person, if he asks me that I would like to have a special screening of the film is Manmohan Singh.


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