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Exclusive: The Talented Actor Arjun Rampal Stuck Into A Legal Matter

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The Paltan movie actor Arjun Rampal who is creating headlines in the B-Town because of his recent action. This time this talented actor has landed in legal trouble and it doesn’t seem to be ending soon.

The story is behind the story is that Arjun Rampal had taken a loan from the company and was supposed to pay back within a time period of 90 days. During their agreement. Arjun had also given the company a post-dated cheque. However, once the cheque bounced, and the YTE Entertainment filed a criminal case against the actor under Negotiable Instruments Act for the recovery of the money.

The report suggests that the company could take an interest over any funds the actor receives. “This means that they will have the right over any amount being paid to Arjun Rampal l till their dues are recovered. Moreover, YTE Entertainment has also appropriated a sum of Rs 7.5 lakhs paid on account in November by the actor as interest due on the loan.

Arjun Rampal

As the report suggests that the company will now recover their money by taking a significant part of Arjun Rampal’s payment that he will get from his future movies until their dues are cleared. The actor is going through some major though phase in his personal life. Let’s see what will happen next with this actor , only time will tell!


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