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“Getting A Standing Ovation From Rajinikanth Sir Is Like Winning A Film Fare Or Oscar Award.”

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Sudhanshu Pandey is all set for his upcoming movie 2.0. He is Eyed Model with a melodious Voice & amazing Terrific Personality had quit his studies & left the cooler climes of the hill stations to achieve his goal in life. The Bollywood Time’s anchor Naman Gupta in conversation with Shudhanshu Pandey to know his experience , on set anecdotes , his upcoming project and more…

Sudhanshu,tell us something about your character in 2.0 ?
I am playing a character of scientist in this movie. If you have seen the first part of movie there was a Danny Denzongpa.Who played the character of scientist in the first part and he died. In 2.0 I am playing his son character. Obviously it’s a negative character so when you see the film you will know his motivation in it.

How was your experience working with superstar Rajinikanth, and any anecdotes on set with the cos-stars?
It was amazing working with the superstar, Rajinikanth. I clearly remember that when I was shooting for one scene in this movie and the dialogue was very big. Rajinikanth sir was seating in front of me when I was shooting. When the scene got over he literally stand and clap for me. For me getting a standing ovation from him is like winning a film fare or Oscar award.

2.0 is a huge movie and the budget was also high, so finally the movie is going to release in some days, how are feeling now?
Definitely, there was lots of money involved in this movie. I was one of the highest budget movies of India. The budget of movie is around 5.5 crore it’s a hug amount. As you can see the trailer of the movie got good response from the audience. So the expectation is very high and yes I am very nervous. I just want that people should love this movie.

We heard that you got a gift from Rajinikanth , so tell us something about the gift?
I and Rajinikanth sir have very good repo with each other. We both like to share our view on a particular topic. And you know what I and Rajinikanth sir is very spiritual person. So we like to talk about such things. He told me that he had been to Uttarakhand from where I belong to. On the last day of shoot he came to me and gifted a book and wrote a sweet message for me. He said, this book changed my life and I want you to read this book. All I can say that moment was very special for me.


Tell us about something about your director Shankar, how was it working with him, and his way of direction?
Like I said in the interview he is more of scientist than a director. He creates new thing with an every film of him. His concepts are not just a story there is a technical revaluation every time you see. It’s very difficult for anyone to know what is going on his mind. All I can he is perfectionist when it’s come to direct movie. And we all accept this fact about him.

You have more scene in this movie with Rajinikanth and less with Akshay Kumar , so how was your working experience with Akshay?
My first shoot in the movie was with Akshay kumar at Delhi. We were doing climax portion of the movie. I and Akshay like to talk in Panjabi, whenever we meet we crack some funny joke and we laugh. It is always like how desi boys coming together and having fun. So this is how we have equation with each other.

Along with a great star cast, great set and a big budget there is also a need of good story. Don’t you think it’s an eye opener movie for audience? What’s your take on that?
We are having the largest youth population of the world. And today if the youth are exposed to Netflix to amazon to every content across the globe on their phone. So it’s very important to us realize that if we don’t match with these kind of content then people will lose interest in going theater. So you have to sink on the same content for even films. Whether there are big star there in the movie or not, the money should go into right content and its now high time to experiment with the content.

We all know that apart from acting you like to sing a song so is there any singing project that you are working on?
I sing a song this year called Teri Adaa. This received over million views. But again had a long gap which I initially think that I’ ll probably do one song in every 3 months. But it’s been long time I’ll definitely plan more song and very soon. And this time I’ll make sure that at least I’ll release one song after other, in a span of time about 6 to 8 months.

Are you currently working on any web series, or do you have any future plan to work on because now day’s web series are something that is booming all around?
Yes there are things which are going on my head and I got many offers though, but there are some particular things that I hope fall in place. Once I’ll do with all that I’ll definitely start working on web series.


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