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Gully Boy Box Office Collection Day 13

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Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer Gully boy hit the screens this Valentine’s Day and received a tremendous response from the audience. Though the movie released on a weekday it has earned exceptionally well at the Box Office on the very first day. The movie had already created a buzz among the audience and the public was simply waiting for the movie to hit the screens. Gully Boy earned 19.40 crore on the first day of its release and its 13th Day Collection is 2.30 crore

Day 1 : 19.40 crore

Day 2 : 13.10 crore

Day 3 : 18.65 crore

Day 4 : 21.30 crore

Day 5 : 8.65 crore

Day 6: 8.05 crore

Day 7: 6.05 crore

Day 8: 5.10 crore

Day 9: 3.90 crore

Day 10: 7.05 crore

Day 11: 7.10 crore

Day 12: 2.45 crore

Day 13: 2.30 crore

TOTAL COLLECTION : 123.10 crore

Valentine’s Day gave a big boost to the movie and majorly contributed to the performance of the movie at Box Office. The total earned by the movie is superb and the public highly praised Ranveer and Alia for their respective performances.

Gully Boy is an underdog story about a poor fellow from Dharavi whose dreams are bigger than his reality. It’s loosely based on the lives of Naezy and Divine, who made the journey from rags to rap-stars. Like them Murad, our protagonist, is determined not to let his circumstances restrict his ambition.


This data is complied from various sources and our research and so the figures can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the films.



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