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Helicopter Eela: The Perfect Mom, Son Duo In Reel Life.

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National award winning actor Riddhi Sen and the Dilwale movie fame Kajol’s movie Helicopter Eela had performed average at the box office. Eela movie is about Single parents and children have a special bond. Not only is there double responsibility on the parent but the child also has a sense of responsibility to take care of the parent. The story is all about dreams, hope, and the idea of a single, working mother (Eela). Kajol and Riddhi Sen got candid with BT news Anchor( Naman Gupta) to share his experience, role and more…

Kajol tell us about your role in this movie and how challenging this role was for you?
It was not challenging role for me. Eela is very natural character and this is something that I had done in my personal life. When you will watch movie eventually you will say that this is something had done with every child or it’s happening with them. Eela is someone who is little more than from any other mom. She is basically doing all this for her child and I agree she is bit more than any other. But when you see the movie then you will realize that whatever Eela is doing in this movie only her love for hes child.

Riddhi how was experience working with Kajol and your overall experience of the set of Eela?
It was amazing working with Kajol Ma’am. The experience was quite good, when I was shooting for the role at the set , we planned almost everything before the shoot but when the camera start rolling I don’t know what happened , it just went so smoothly that I can’t tell you. Though she is master when it’s comes to spontaneous acting. But when that take role there was many things that we didn’t rehearse for it.

That connection was there between us throughout the movie and which gave me the confidence that I am going in the correct direction. It’s normal when you planned everything in before but when the camera start rolling people get nervous so easily but still you manage to give your best that is something happened with me, and Kajol Maam. Once that kind of connection happened between two co- actors, I think that is the most beautiful feeling.

Riddhi tell us one scene from the movie when you finally felt that I am full into the character?
There is a scene in this film, you have also seen in the trailer where I was walking out and she slaps me so hard and I am walking out of the door. That is very intense and emotional scene in this movie. That scene was happened in the beginning of the film and from that time I enjoyed my charterer in this film.

Eela Is all about super mom, so Kajol do you think if every mom will turns into Eela then it’s a good for the country?
Honestly for me Eela is a very normal character because when you turn into motherhood you will eventually start doing everything for your child. And it’s very common for every mom because they forgot everything when it’s come to their child. So I don’t think so if every mom turns into Eela then it will be good for the country. But I think every son should turns like VIvaan because he tried to understand the bonding of mother and son. Vivaan is a character in this film that is showing that whatever will happen between Mom and son they will always love each other.

Riddhi we all know that how great theater artists you are we just want to know that how you got the film Eela and how was your first reaction when you come to know that you are going to play opposite with Kajol?
First of all I would like to say that I am very lucky, I had done a add shoot with dada (Pradeep Sarkar) in 2016 and after 4-5 month later he called me and ask me what are you doing at home. I replied to him nothing just chilling out. Then dada told me I want to tell you something but tell me first you say you won’t –bhav kahega . That was his first condition. Then I was like no tell me what happen what’s the point.

Then dada is like I am doing a film after 2-3 years. The plot of movie is on Mother, son relation and I want to cast you in this movie, and you have to perform opposite of Kajol. First I thought he was kidding so, I was like okay I get; tell me what will be the audition procedure because It will be huge. Then he is like I’ll get back you, for now just remove it from your mind. Suddenly he gave me a flights’ ticket, he doesn’t told me any story, not even gave me script nothing. He is like don’t ask anything just come to Mumbai. I reached Mumbai, went to dada’s (Pradeep Sarkar) office and I was clearly remembered that there was an AD I ask him when the audition will start, I mean any information related to audition. Then he like you are already is a part of this movie. I was like what? Are you kidding with me? It took me whole lot of time to sink with this news (laugh), and that very evening she came, and I was super intimidating. Because on the very 1st day at Mumbai and I am going to meet Kajol Maam. Me and mam sat together and see the whole draft of the script. Dada (Pradeep Sarkar) have one habit that he record everything before going onto set, because he want everything perfect when he is on set. All I what remember that the very next day i just know the story, I am just recording it and I am directly into it. ‘

So after the shooting started a lot later I guess in January, I was still wondering that is it a dream or something really happening with me. Because it was such an unbelievable thing for me at that time.

Kajol we herd that you choose your film according to the script , so is it same now or else it change after the time period?
For me my script is like a hero, I have always said that I don’t care who is my co- start, or the team. I just want the script should be perfect. What I think is that the director, producer and the script should be interesting and the rest of the thing can be manage.


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