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Here Is All What Kalki Koechlie Want To Say About The Intimate Scenes Is Bollywood!

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Bollywood is an industry where every star can express their view or share their opinion with the masses. The #metoo campaign is supported by many big personality in Bollywood the and it is really important in this ear. Recently Kalki Koechline has shared her perception on the intimate scenes is Bollywood.

She says it is extremely important for actors to trust each other before shooting intimate scenes and believes such a practice should be made compulsory in the film fraternity. “When we are on a film set, no one is going to not have a really choreographed action scene. No one is going to ‘by mistake’ punch the actor in the face. So why aren’t we doing that for intimate scenes?

The Dev d movie actor confessed that she has done intimate scenes with actors without even meeting them before, something which should not happen. “There are a number of scenes I’ve done where I’ve not even met the actor before I have to bite his lips off. It doesn’t make sense for me. There needs to be trust between the actors,” she said

She confessed all her opinion about the intimate scene in Bollywood when she was a part of a panel discussion on code of conduct at work at the 9th edition of Tata Literature Live!.

Kalki is currently working on a play where sh is playing a character of Roman rape victim. She and her co-actor have consent between each other where we ask ‘Can we do this?And that has just made them so much more comfortable. They both trust each other a lot more. She also believes it is extremely important for an individual and an glamour industry as a collective to take responsibilities.

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“In my industry, we have had a meeting few weeks back with the producers guild, directors, casting directors, crew members to understand what are the problems and how can we ourselves take responsibility,” she added.


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