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Ira Dubey on Me Too: I support the Me Too movement but I feel that it comes with a certain sense of murkiness

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In the wake of the Me Too movement, few weeks back, Ira Dubey had accused Chetan Bhagat of sexual harassment. While recounting her experiences with a leading magazine, Ira Dubey had slammed Chetan Bhagat for his sexual misconduct, narrating her #MeToo story that alleged that Chetan had made a pass at her in the room and tried to plant a kiss on her lips. After Ira’s accusations, Chetan Bhagat took to Twitter and posted a screenshot that showed Ira initiating a conversation with him, thus hinting that Ira’s allegations against him are false. His tweet said “So who wanted to kiss whom? @iratrivedi’s self-explanatory email from 2013 to me, esp last line, easily shows her claims from 2010 are false, and she knows this too. This mental harassment of me and my family has to stop. Please don’t harm a movement with #fakecharges #harassed”

In an interview with Republic TV, Ira opened up about the Me Too movement and while lauding it as a wonderful platform for people to talk about their sexual ordeal, Ira feels that there is certain sense of murkiness attached to the movement. Ira Dubey shared, “As a movement whether it is in Hollywood or Bollywood, I think it is a wonderful platform for people who have actually felt exploited or taken advantage of to come out and speak that’s one side of it. I think in India we are conditioned, Indians tend to be a very hypocritical race in many ways. There’s a huge percentage of our population that follows a traditional outlook towards life and at the same time in popular culture – television and films, we are encouraging the perception of women which encourages sort of an objectification of them. I think that’s really the root cause of the problem. It’s a cultural phenomenon.”



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