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“It’s An Amazing Compliment For Me When People Say That I Exactly Look Like My Mom”

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The gorgeous and extremely talented Sara Ali khan showed her magic on the big screen with her debut film, Kedarnath, by Abhishek Kapoor. The stylish diva ,Sara Ali Khan gets candid with BT News and  talks about the toughest scene while filming Kedarnath, advice she received from her mom, her influencer and more..

Who influenced or motivated you be an actor?
I started watching movies when I was a child, so it will be very difficult for me describe who is my influencer or motivator. I think Karan Johar’s movies inspire me a lot so I think he would be my influencer  (Laughs).

Tell us that moment when you were giving the first short for Kedarnath and where you were shooting?
It was so cold when we were shooting in Uttarakhand at that time, and we were shooting the rain sequence in the night. The weather was chilling and it was freezing cold.  At that time Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor) sir asked me if i was feeling cold and I said yes then he is like don’t do anything this is the scene and that is you shorts do it (Laughs) . Throughout the shooting it was very difficult to shoot there because the weather was so cold but somewhere down the line I think the geography of that place is very important for this character.

As a debut actor what do you look for when you choose the particular film like you look for the script or the star cast like what?
I’ll tell you that especially that I am young and new in this industry I think that there is nothing one that is better than your instinct for sure. In Bollywood you can put your money on something then you cannot predict that this thing will work for sure; it’s all depending upon the audience.   So I think overall that you should always make your decision from your heart if you think that you are happy with your work then nothing else would matter.

I want to ask you that when you were signing the film Kedarnath then whose suggestion you had taken?
Mom was there with me when Kanika  ma’am was narrating the movie and after her narration, I and mom gave a look to each other and that look of mom was like this is the perfect role for you (Smirk). She is like if Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor) sir and Kanika ma’am are giving you such big opportunity then just take it, and I did that.

Tell us, the one scene that difficult scene while filming the Kedarnath movie?
There were sequences of the scene when we were shooting the flood scene and that was for longer duration. We were shooting continuously for 12 to 14 hours in the cold water and that too for straight 3 to 4 days.  So according to me this was the toughest part of shooting for Kedarnath.

How does it feel when people compliment you that Sara exactly looks like her mom?
It’s an amazing compliment for me when people say that I exactly look like my mom. And you know what when I used to see my old pictures of us then I was like we have same face because of heredity but you know what ,in some pictures we have the same facial expression as well. I’ll tell you one incident of mine, I thought I was the only one wearing purple lipstick for the wedding and I was excited about my purple lipstick then suddenly at the wedding I found one old pictures of mom and guess what she was also wearing the same purple lipstick.(Laugh) . I Love my mom and  how she is and I am more than happy for that.


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