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Kedarnath Movie Review | Sara Ali Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput | Divya Solgama Talking Point

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It’s always very difficult to show such tragic and disaster movies on screen. As per the history of such movie in the Bollywood industry

it’s has always created a mess in the plot with the disasterious
input. There are many movie that have such a plot like in the
movie Waqt where earthquake is been shown, in Kala Pathar there was coal crane crash scene, in Satyam Shivan Sundaram there is been shown floods scenes, the movie Tum Mile had rainfall and in the movie Bhopal express there was Bhopal gas tradegy.

These are some of the movie that people reminds when it comes
to the distastes movie genre. The latest to join this movie list is
Kedarnath, the movie is been inspired by the 2013 Uttarakhand
floods. Now the question arises that will the movie bring out some
thing different or will it have the same sort of story line as other

Talking about the synopsis of the film,The screenplay by Kanika
Dhillon, which touches upon pressing issues but does not follow
through with them, takes its time in etching out the broad contours of the plot and the characters that populate it. It moves forward only in fits and starts. Kedarnath is a two-hour film, so the demand it makes on your time is reasonable. The special effects aren't up to scratch nor is the screenplay, but do watch the film for Sara Ali Khan. The pleasure of watching a young actress who not only holds her own in her very first film but also reveals her long-term potential in no uncertain


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