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Look How Baby Taimur Is Grooving To Music At A Party

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Little Munchkin Taimur had a busy weekend. He returned from his family vacation and had to immediately dive into his regular routine of acknowledging his papz friends. So Taimur played on a swing, rode a horse and also attended a birthday party.

Super cute Taimur was seen having fun at the party with momma, Kareena Kapoor. He also tried to groove to the beats of a song that was played at the bash. But he did it like a method actor. He heard it, realised he can totally groove on it and then swayed sideways. He did all that looking so cute that we wonder if we could hang out with him at the next birthday bash that he attends. But more than that, we couldn’t get over Kareena’s amused expression while hearing the jingle. Check it out here…

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Tim, Inoo, Kai and Nisha ❤❤❤❤ #taimuralikhan

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Taimur wasn’t the only cutie pie at the bash. There was Sunny Leone’s daughter Nisha Kaur Webber who is becoming a darling of the press. Like Taimur, she too waved at the media while leaving the place. So cute! Inaaya too was there.


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