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“Me And Anurag Kashyap Have A Very Good Bonding With Each Other”- Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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In the small town of Budhana, from Uttar Pradesh, there lived a boy whose dreams were bigger than his family could afford. Yes we are talking about the Sacred Game web series lead actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Nawazuddin Siddiqui in conversation with BT news anchor (Naman Gupta) shared his struggle, experience, his likes and dislikes and more

Tell us, what you look or think when you choose any script for film or any other project?
When I choose any script firstly I look how interesting the script is then I’ll go further. For me playing a simple character is not my cup of tea I like to play some complex and serious character. The character should have multiple layer in it, for ex like there should be villain aspect, emotional, etc. Because every actors his own style or we can say that their opinion about a particular script. So this I look when I choose my script.

One character from your films that had made you thinks that this character has increased the graph of career?
It does not depend upon the character that, this will increased your career graph. All I know that every character is challenging. Like I had played 1 minute role in Hoshiyar that character was also challenging for me. So I don’t think is there a particular character that has increased my career graph.

We all know that you had done several projects with Anurag Kashyap , so is it difficult for you to work with other director?
I and Anurag like to challenge each other, and from the challenge we try to build new ideas to explore things. And that is something which works between us. I always mix up with the character according to whatever my director guides me to do and I do that as per the things.

Tell us about your struggle stage the time, when you came to Mumbai?
In an initial stage of my career, my struggle leads to low confidence. It affects my confidence all the matter, my dream were shattered. There was a time in my when I used to question my abilities. But believe me that these up and down are important in life.

You are working on Thackeray’s biopic, so is it difficult for you to play the real life character?
This was a very difficult character for me to play, because I haven’t met him. But I got all the information form the sources. I watched his videos on you tubes to know how to portray his character on onscreen.
Segment- let’s be honest
(In BT news we have different segment out which we have a segment name let’s be honest, here the person who is being the part of this game will have to give their honest reply on the following questions)

Tell us one thing that you carry every time with you?

Whom do you call most, in a day?
My manger Anuj .

Who’s your best friend in Bollywood with whom you shared everything related to your personal life?
Anurag Kashyap, because i and Anurag Kashyap have a very good bonding with each other

What you do in your free time?
I have my own collection of songs, and they all are from 60’s Spanish songs. So I like to hear this kind of song whenever I get time.

What is your biggest dream that you want to achieve?
I don’t have any dream as such, you know there is a phrase like – “Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi ki har ke har Khwaishein pe dum nikle. “ If I wish to complete one dream of mine then there will be next dream on my cart. So that’s why I don’t dream anything in my life.

Tell us one thing that you had done in your life and you thought, this Is something unique or crazy thing I did in my life?
I can’t reveal that (Laugh)

What is your favourite food?
There is nothing as such like favourite food in my life. I can have anything I’ll get. Like I went to Rome and there I explored the whole Italian food.

Which is your favourite film, from your movie list that you had done so far?
I don’t like to praise myself; I like it when other people do that, so there no favourite film as such

The app you use so often in your phone?
You tube.


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