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Me Too: Alok Nath Granted Anticipatory Bail By The Sessions Court In Vinta Nanda Sexual Harassment Case

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This afternoon, Alok Nath, who had been accused by Tara’s producer-writer Vinta Nanda for rape and sexual harassment, was granted anticipatory bail by Mumbai Sessions Court. The veteran actor who had been accused of allegedly raping Vinta Nanda had pleaded with the law forces to grant him anticipatory bail after Vinta Nanda had registered an official FIR against him in a Police Station on October 18, 2018. Post this, the senior actor also filed a defamation suit against Vinta Nanda for Re 1 for tarnishing his image.

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However, all of this began after Vinta Nanda took to Facebook to share her story of being harassed and molested on October 8. The producer of 90’s show Tara wrote, “I can remember more liquor being poured into my mouth and I remember being violated endlessly. When I woke up the next afternoon, I was in pain. I hadn’t just been raped, I was taken to my own house and had been brutalised. I couldn’t get up for my bed. I told some of my friends but everybody advised me to forget about it and move on. My company was closed but I got a job to write and direct a series for Plus Channel. The man found his way through the casting route and became one of the lead actors on the show.”

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After this post, Alok Nath was served a notice by Cine and Television Actors’ Association (CINTAA) seeking an explanation on this. However, he denied all the charges and filed the defamation suit against Vinta Nanda. Amidst all this, she filed a police complaint against him and he was also expelled from CINTAA. The movements of this case happened over a period of a few months when the Me Too movement in India was gaining momentum.

Me Too: Alok Nath granted anticipatory bail by the Sessions Court in Vinta Nanda sexual harassment case

The entire movement began after Tanushree Dutta accused actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment on the sets of 2008 film, Horn Ok Pleassss. Post her coming out, many other women from the industry shared their stories which lead to many more names coming out from Film and Media industry.


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