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Mirzapur Star Shweta Tripathi See No Reason For The Masturbation Scene To Be Hyped

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Masaan,Haraamkhor. And now, Mirzapur. In a short career span, Shweta Tripathi has not only shown an affinity for dark, daunting, and daring projects, but also the skill and resolve to back them up with the kind of raw, realistic, and resilient performances they demand.

True to her track record, most critics and audience members have again lavished praise on her portrayal in Amazon Prime Video and Excel Entertainment’s new web series, Mirzapur. Unfortunately, a small section of viewers have chosen to ignore her nuanced act and instead focus their ire on a minor erotic yet ultimately trivial aspect of her performance — a masturbation scene involving her character. Fittingly brushing it aside as just another needless controversy when we quizzed her recently about the hue and cry, Shweta also questioned why do such fringe voices come to the fore only when women express their sexuality.

All the female characters in Mirzapur are progressive, speak their mind, and act on their emotions, which is so important in today’s times, especially when it comes to depicting women from these parts of the country. Also, I see no reason for the masturbation scene to be hyped about because it’s just another normal thing that all humans do. If men can do it, and it can be considered normal for them, then why can’t it be so for women?

A well-deserved and stinging repsponse to all the moral custodians of our society out there. Way to go, Shweta!


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