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Quitting Bharat Was A Wrong Decision Of Priyanka’s Professional Career?

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Our Desi girl is seems quite happy with our beau Nick Jonas. She is enjoying every moment of her wedding with full of fire and with loads of fun. The Desi girl is very smart in her both phase of life whether it’s her personal life or her professional career. She made us proud globally with her multi talent. She always made her fans go gaga with her action.
Talking about her decision of quitting Bharat and enjoying her wedding preparation with her love ones will be a big roller coaster for her profession career? Because at the Show Koffe with Karan she herself said that she wants make a comeback in Bollywood. And our Bhaijan had given her opportunity to work with him In Bharat and make her come back in Bollywood. But she quite Bharat because of some issue. Her decision was quite shocking for her fans and as well as for our Bhaijan.
And now Bharat will offer to the Jagga Jassos actor katrina Kaif. Now the entire team of Bharat is quite happy with new female lead star. We come to know from our sources that wedding was not only decision of quitting Bharat but another reason of quitting Bharat was that she had very small in role In Bharat. May be that made our desi girl to quite Bharat.
Now the sources are saying that after quitting Bharat by Priyanka, the role of Bharat leads got increased by the makers of Bharat. And that will surely make our Piggy chops to regret on her decision. It will reveled by the sources that the script was firstly written and crafted for Katrina but it will offer to Priyanka under some circumstances.
The Bharat’s shooting is still going on and Ali Hasan has increased the graph of Kat’s character. Which will be very much like by audience. In Bharat Katrina will have bigger role than of any her other film. And that the point will make Priyanka worry out. Well, well we just want to say nice move to Bharat’s maker!


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