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Ranveer Singh Writes A Heartfelt Note For Wife Deepika Padukone, Calls Himself ‘Proudest Husband In The World’

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Since the time Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got married, they can’t stop gushing about each other. They have spoken about their love story, wedding festivities and about their marital life as well. On January 5, Deepika celebrated her birthday and she launched her own website as a gift to her fans. The actor has updated about everything on the website and her fans are indeed loving it to the core.

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A while back, Ranveer wrote a beautiful note for Deepika on her website and it’s heartwarming, indeed. He stated, “Deepika is the most amazing person I’ve met in my life. And I’m not just saying this because she’s my wife. I find it particularly challenging to articulate all my feelings about her, and even though I find language to be a limiting means to express myself, I shall try.

I can safely say I’m the closest person to her in this world. I know her deeply as a person and I’ve collaborated closely with her as a professional.

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Deepika nurtures a universe within herself: of love, compassion, kindness, intelligence, beauty, grace and empathy. These qualities make her a true and authentic artiste- she’s one of the finest actors in the world.

In her dealings, she is straight-shooting, sharp and fair – an absolute and thorough professional.

She’s got inner strength, resilience, grit and an iron-will. Her discipline and commitment is unparalleled. Her path breaking achievements have changed the game time and again. A woman so righteous and full of virtue, that she commands respect.
I sometimes stop and admire her, aware that she is a special soul, born for greatness. She’s born to positively impact lives through the shining beacon of her virtuous being.

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That she preserves a vulnerable and innocent, childlike side of herself exclusively for me is inexplicably gratifying.
I am the proudest husband in the world. She inspires me to be the best man I can possibly be. She makes my life worth living. She is truly…the light of my life.”


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