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Sad Happy Birthday For Sajid Khan; No One Wished Him!

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The Himmatwala movie director Sajid Khan seems very sad these days. On his 48th birthday nobody from the Bollywood industry wished him, it was a pathetic birthday for him. There was no tweet on his birthday, the twitter went silent as there was not a single post by a celebrity or fan and nobody wanted to be seen wishing him.

All this is happening because of the #Metoo controversy.  Sajid Khan was accused of sexual harassment by many women in the industry during the #MeToo wave and since then he has lost his job as the director of Housefull 4 and has been left alone to fend for himself.

“He had no birthday party. Not only because he had nothing to celebrate, but also because not too many of his friends would come,” said by sources.

On every birthday of Sajid Khan his phone used to be on the edge of crashing every year on his birthday, there were so many calls and messages. This year no one bothered to wish him.

Federation Of Western India Cine Employees Chief Advisor, Ashoke Pandit Speaks Up! “Though Sajid is still to be proven guilty, he is facing ostracization. We summoned him to give us an explanation. He didn’t turn up. We summoned him again. This time he came and denied all the charges,” he said.

It seems that director Sajid Khan is now realising his mistakes that he has made in life. It’s like what goes around comes around and Life has its own way to teach someone a good lesson!



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