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Shilpa’s Smoking Hot Picture At Maldives Beach

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Shilpa Sheety Kundra is giving us perfect holiday’s goal by her recent pictures. After watching her hot pictures at the beach of Maldives the one thing only coming from our mouth i.e. Oh la la. Take a break and blow off some steam. Shilpa Shetty surely knows how to do just that.

Shipa Shetty and her dearest hubby Raj Kundra, who celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary at Madives Beach . They have shared pictures from their tropical vacation in the Maldives.

Shilpa shared an anniversary message on her Instagram account, writing, “I can’t match up to your surprises, gestures or big heart.. but I have someone up there to thank ,that we are a MATCH made for each other. Will love you until I die.. and if there’s a life after that ..will love then.. Happy 9th Anniversary hubby.” Shilpa paired the note with a collage of their images together.

She had also posted a video of an Octopus near her water villa on her Instagram handle and wrote, “The beauty and mechanisms of nature don’t fail to surprise me.. Didn’t even need to go #snorkeling .. found Mr Octupus and this colourful marine life just outside our water villa..to see how he camouflaged himself on the rock was incredible, we caught it at the spur of the moment.. and what a moment it was! Swipe right to see the next video to be amazed even further..Unbelievably shot on #iphonexsmax , even the underwater shots( can’t tell you the secret) @maldivesmarket @kanuhuramaldives love this place #kanuhuramaldives #timelessmemories #marinelife #instagood #maldives #seascape #octopus.”

Shilpa is surely giving us the travel goal. Her picture gives out the Maldives chills that makes us feel like having a vacation at Maldives.


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