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Simmba Review

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Director : Rohit Shetty

Producers : Dharma Productions, Rohit Shetty Picturez, Reliance Entertainment

Cast : Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood

Public Review

Simmba Aala re- everyone started their public review with the tilted track of the movie that Simmba aala ! Ranveer Singh beats people up as if he really, really wants to, and the dialogues fly out of his mouth as if he’s making them up. Most of these — like a play on the word ‘farz’ which means duty.
Rohit Shetty’s films are known for being masala entertainers and so far, the audience has enjoyed the way he presents big action sequences with high drama. Shetty’s style of comedy is also loved by the viewers.

Divya Solgama

The movie Simmba was full paisa vasool movie of the year. Though Simmba is an adaption of Telugu film but the movie will surely wins the heart of the audience. The director Rohit Shetty has directed the movie in full masala way because he knows what his fans want from the movie.

The first of the movie was just amazing because of the heroic entry of Ranveer Singh, his walking style everything were just perfect. In the movie Sara had fewer roles but whatever she had played is just awesome. The second half of the movie was bit slow, emotional, Ranveer’s transformation were great. Overall the Simmba movie is quite entertaining for the audience

Critics Rating: 4

Times of India

“Mind is blowing,” thunders Simmba whenever something makes him happy. And nothing makes him happier than money. His mantra in life is to do beimaani with full imaandaari. Ranveer Singh as the corrupt police officer is in top form in this massy entertainer.His leading lady Sara Ali Khan, however, has precious little to do besides looking breathtakingly beautiful.

But overall, Simmba is a potboiler that you expect it to be, where the good surely outweighs the bad. There are enough paisa vasool moments including the cameo by the original Singham, Ajay Devgn. And it doesn’t end there. Shetty leaves you with a parting shot of another superstar already revealing the first look of his offering in 2019.

Critics Rating: 3.5

The Hindu

It kicks off on a comic note with Ranveer Singh scorching the screen as Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba who joins the force to wield power and make money. The background score stays consistently ear-blasting, the colours kitschy, and the acting loud and over-the-top. With his Marathi chatter, comic timing, sharp catchphrases iterated in both Marathi and Hindi — “Mind ij blowing”, “Tell me something I don’t know” — and a manic touch reminiscent of the Khilji madness, Singh brings the house down with his one-man show.

For one, there is the stress on how dangerous the world is for “Bharat ki betiyan (India’s daughters)” and how they need to be protected.

It is ironic to see women sidelined in this 80s rape-revenge drama with Sara Ali Khan’s role being that of a glorified extra despite her being the female lead. The women are made witnesses than participants of their own destinies, parroting the men without showing any ounce of agency.

Bhawana Somaya

It is a typical Rohit Shetty film and yet, it is different. The film addresses issues. So far Rohit Shetty films have been about vendetta, about good triumphing over evil. This time Shetty extends his boundaries and sensitizes to multiple issues like street children and drug abuse. Like in his earlier films he hits out at corruption in the police force but also holds a mirror to cowardice in society.

So is there nothing wrong in the film – of course, there is plenty to complain. The opening sequence is overstated and overstretched. The second half is devoid of humor. The film is based in Goa but when it is time for songs the lead pair romance in foreign locations and lip sync to Punjabi lyrics. Sara Ali Khan goes invisible in the second half and so does Sangram Bhalerao’s Marathi dialect but all this is forgiven because the film has its heart in place.

In the olden days, Manmohan Desai made entertaining films and quietly slipped in a message into it. Rohit Shetty is slowly getting there. I have never been a fan of Shetty films but this time I make an exception.

Critics Rating: 4


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