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Sushant Singh Rajput Shows The Efforts He Put In For His Role In Kedarnath

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An actor goes through a series of preparations, for each film and role. Right to work on their body, or trying to learn a new form of dance or to adopt a new accent, the preparation of a new film begins months before the start of filming.

This can be seen in a recent photo that Sushant Singh Rajput shared on social media. He will be seen in a forthcoming film, Kedarnath with beginner Sara Ali Khan. Sushant plays in the movie a porter or a pithoo who carries people on his back or on his horses who want to go to Kedarnath.

To play this role, Sushant had to follow a great physical training. In the photo that he shared. In the picture, he can be seen lifting a heavy weight on his back while he was walking on a treadmill.

The actor captioned it with a few lyrics from the song Namo Namo from the movie. He wrote, “Mujhe Bharam Tha Jo Hai Mera, Tha Kabhi Nahi Mera, Aarth Kya Nirath Kya, Jo Bhi Hai Sabhi Tera.. Tere Samne Hai Jhuka, Mere Sar Pe Haath Rakh Tera(One who has three eyes. One who makes happy, prosperous, gives peace of mind and takes care about you. One who is beyond Time and Space. I bow down to you)#kedarnathpreparations @gattukapoor

Sushant Singh Rajput will be seen playing a porter in the upcoming movie Kedarnath which is based on the 2013 floods of Uttarakhand.


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