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Teejay Sidhu Is Missing Her Dearest Hubby Karanvir Bohra

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As we all know that Karanvir Bohra is playing amazing in big boss house. It’s been 2 months and he still is a part of the show. So our team has decided to take an interview of Karanvir’s wife Teejay Sidhu. Naman Gupata in conversation with Teejay Sidhu to know what her view on Karanvir’s performance is in big boss, their private life and more…

Tell us, how much do you miss Karanvir since he is in the Big Boss?
Of course I am missing him. It’s been 12 years of our marriage and he is out for 2 month which had never happened before this. Before when the phone use to ring I thought maybe it was him, the doorbell rang I thought he is here but he is not. It’s a very weird feeling and yes I am eagerly waiting to over the season of big boss 11. Then I’’ll be free (Laugh).

What is the one positive change you have noticed in Karanvir after Big Boss?
Karanvir is a positive person; he is a good kind human being. He never used to say any bad thing about anyone. When some tell him anything bad then he is like why would I think about that. I think Big boss is like facing a reality, where we meet different kind of human being. In Big boss you have to take stand for yourselves and Karanvir was not aware about this. From the last couple of week I notice that he paid attention on where he wants to, and where not, and this is very big struggle for him.

When was the last time you felt that when Karanvir was performing very bad at the task and you were like he should performed like this and not the way he had done?
I didn’t felt good when someone disrespect their self for others. I think that again come from over giving to someone and put everyone first. But this will not work in Big boss house. I don’t like it when karan nominated himself for that girl Deepika, why can’t he fight at that time for himself? At that moment I felt like you come home, take the responsibility of our kids and I’ll go to big boss house and play. I was so angary on him and I thought that how can he manage the entire thing.

It’s been 2 month of Big boss, who is according to you is good friend of Karanvir and who is playing fake with him in Big boss house?
I think the real and best friend of Karanvir in big boss house is Shrishti because she had taken stand for him last week. It’s very hard to say who the fake one is because everyone is playing their own game and I think they had done their homework for how gain TRP. So I think no one is playing fake in this show everyone is just struggling.

You had recently wrote a letter to Big boss, why did you feel that there is a need to write an open letter?
Salman has a habit to crack a joke and make his fans laugh. I was seriously thought that Karanvir had done something wrong. But at that I genuinely felt that something bad happened with him because he was looking so dishearten and demotivated at the show. We just go by what we see .So that’s why I felt that I should write a letter to big Boss.

What was Karanvir’s purpose to be a contestant at Big Boss 11?
Karanvir’shas earned his name and fame in this industry by his own. Neither has been in any controversy nor did he have any ex’s gf affair or something. in short there was never something major like that. From ours friends who had been the part of big boss we have to come to know that after big boss they have become very strong in their personal life. And then Karanvir has decided that he want to big boss for himself so that’s why he is a part of the show.

According to you who will be the top 3 contestant of big boss 11?
I think first will be Karanvir, second will also Karanvir and again third will again Karanvir (laugh), Karanvir is for sure. Because as a contestant he has showed his graph in this show. Apart from Karanvir I think Deepak and Romeel.

Who is according to you is a master mind in this game?
I think big boss is the biggest master mind in this entire show. (Laugh)
(So we have something called, BT ki Adalat, where the interviewer Naman Gupta will ask the interviewee – That they have to put acquisition on someone and as well as they have to defend them)

1.Karanveer’s emotional level sometimes turns into hurdle for him so how do you defend him in this situation?
His emotion is something like his nature. If I’ll give you one example then you will understand how karanveer is in real life. In our marriage relation he is the emotional one and I am the practical one. So we both balance these thing in our life because life is all depend upon how you balance each other.

2. If you are a part of big boss then you have to be game planner, so do you think that is again a hurdle for Karnveer ?
He never has been a game planner in this show. In fact he never planned anything in his life- like I have to do these things in coming two years. We both take life as it comes. But one thing I would like to say if you are in big boss house then you have to be a game planner and he understands this thing after been the part of the show.

Tell us, according to you who is the most confused person in big boss house?
I think the most confused person in the house is Rohit (laughs). He is a sweet person, sometime he’ll be with Rajshree and sometime he‘ll be with karan. If I’ll say if Karanveer understands the game very slow then I must say Rohit does not understand the game at all. (Laughed)


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