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The Accidental Prime Minister- This Political Influential Movie Got Mixed Reviews

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Director- Vijay Gutte

Producer- Pen India Limited

Cast- Anupam Kher ,Akshaye Khanna ,Suzanne ,Aahana Kumra and Arjun Mathur.

For Bollywood 2019 has started with the biggest bang with the movie , The Accidental Prime Minister which created the huge buzz among the audience because of the ongoing controversy . The film, The Accidental Prime minister has finally hit the silver screen today. And the movie got Mix reviews form the critics as well as from the audience.  The accidental prime minister is not an accident at all.

Times of India

The Accidental Prime Minister opens with a heavily pixelated TV news footage from the 2004 victory of the UPA in the general elections. This quickly gives way to the actors behaving and looking strikingly similar to all real life political players. Kher leads the pack as the submissive Prime Minister, who is sworn-in amidst wide-ranging skepticism within the ranks. His performance progressively grows on you, gradually evoking empathy for his character.

But a lot of support comes from his co-actor Akshaye Khanna, who ensures there’s never a dull moment in this political drama. Whether it is the crucial nuclear deal or petty politics that repeatedly threatens his own job, he never lets any tension become palpable, thanks to his easy charm.

Debutante director and co-writer Vijay Ratnakar Gutte brushes past a few uncomfortable scams (2G, 3G) in the 10-year-term of the UPA, except the nuclear deal. The film bravely names real characters and shows them in the light they are perceived in.

Rating – 3.5

Live Mint

It takes little time for The Accidental Prime Minister to start talking about what it’s really talking about. In a scene shortly after the 2004 general elections, before Singh (Anupam Kher) is appointed as prime minister, Rahul Gandhi speaks to his mother, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, in Italian, so the gathered ministers don’t know what’s been said. The charge against Sonia was always that she wasn’t from India, but it’s significant that the one line in Italian in the film is given not to her but to Rahul. After Sonia declines the post of prime minister, the film contrasts the eloquent reaction of Priyanka Gandhi with the confused, incoherent one of Rahul. Barely 10 minutes in, the film’s already asking the question.

Kher playing Manmohan Singh is excellent Trojan horse casting: once he’s inside that voice and that nonthreatening manner, he can slowly undermine him while appearing to be sympathetic. It’s a sly performance, with the actor subtly turning Singh’s light voice into a meek bleat and exaggerating his halting speech patterns. The impression is of an ineffectual man in the grip of the Gandhis, unable to control his party. It’s difficult to argue with the general accuracy of Kher’s imitation, but great acting is more than mimicry. There’s little empathy for Singh in Kher’s portrayal, only pity.


Baru’s tell-all memoir about his time at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) did stir a small controversy, showing us how the then PM Manmohan Singh’s good intent was never enough to navigate the stormy political weather he had to endure. ‘He is a good man in the wrong party’ was the general sentiment as one corruption scandal after another rocked UPA’s second term.

One has to admit that the casting has been bang on. With real names being used and incidents like the nuclear deal still fresh in our minds, the physical similarities almost become a necessity.

The Accidental Prime Minister might be liked by people of a particular political hue more, but irrespective of that the film is a fairly innocuous watch . If one has read the book one would be familiar with the stance it would take. Watch it, and here’s hoping we have more brave political films to look forward to and a healthy environment where they are allowed to be released!

Rating – 3


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