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The Crazy Star Cast Of Yamla Pagla Deewana Phir Se

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The upcoming comedy drama is all set to make their fans go crazy with lots of madness. The bunch of Yamla Pagla Deewana is once again making their comeback with lots of excitement and extra dhamaka for their fans. The cast is totally enthusiastic and ready for the next big success to win the hearts. The star cast of Yamla Pagal Deewna Phir Se got candid with Naman Gupta,to know more about their madness, fun read on…

What was your first reaction when you both heard your character’s name in the movie Yamla Pagala Deewana?

Bobby Deol: This film is all about madness and fun and the makers of the film want the same madness gist in character’s name as well. So that’s why they had given the name to the characters like this. And when you watch the film you will eventually come to know the reason behind it. (With Laugh)

Kirti Khrabanda: I don’t think I paid attention to the names of character in this film (Laughs). At that time I was just thinking that this movie is with me and I was very happy with that. But I remember that when I was telling Navaninat sir that the only fruit I don’t eat is Chiku and I don’t like it at all. And you know what he named my character name in this Film Chiku.

Dharmendra ji, tell us what is the one good change you like about this film Fraternity?

This industry is for me like a Jannat, the Mumbai city, film, camera, people around me were the things I never expected in my life.  I was always dreamt about this and yes my dream turns into reality. I love what my fans do for me and I think this will always remain like this.  Everything is going good in this industry there is no fault what they are doing. In fact now it’s going totally amazing!

 What about the Promotion of film do you enjoying it or not?

If you love camera then you have to cross all kind of hurdles and I did that. I enjoyed my hurdles in starting face of my career.  Yes I am absolutely enjoying the film promotions.

Sunny Deol, what are the changes you have notice In Dharmendra Ji and Booby Deol because you had done several movies with them like Apne Movie in 2007, Yamla Pagla Dewaana  2007, Yamla Pagal Deewana 2-2013 and now Yamal Pagla Dewaana Phir se.

The time had run so fast that we didn’t even realized what all happened. We just enjoyed it, because we never know what will happen next, and that’s the way life is all about. In fact we are realizing this thing now when we are here.

Sunny Deol tell us the best movie of Booby Deol in which he had done his best?

I think Dillagi, we both were there in this movie and he played the character very well.

Bobby Deol, tell us best movie of Sunny Deol in which he had done given his best?

I loved his performance in every movie he had done uptil now. I still remember when he was shooting for Betab and he was shooting for song of Betab movie that was the most amazing moment for me to see my brother was performing so well in front of camera.  Bhaiyan was always a very shy person when it’s come to dancing and singing but it was all fun watching him .I love everything about my brother what he had done until now.

So tell us how you three spend times together when it’s come to home,  like how you all live the Perfect Deol moment ?

Dharmendra: Like how every dad son stays at their home, there is nothing special about it. When we all are home we just spend a good quality time together.

Tell us your favorite dialogue in Yamla Pagal Deewana ?

Bobby Deol: Daru che (All Laughed) I think this was my favorite dialogue in this movie

Kirti Kharbanda: Tari manu dhoklo , ek lafo padse tari mundi fari jase.  Khabr nahi pade ke aavi rahi che ya fir javi rahi che. This was my favorite dialogue in this movie.


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