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The Sequel To The Famous Manyavar Ad Featuring Anushka And Virat Is Here!

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The first advertisement of this series generated a fan following and many even dubbed it as Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s pre-wedding video. In the season of weddings, this new advertisement is quite timely.

In the first advertisement, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli had the country looking at them when they featured in the now-famous Manyavar advertisement, promising to be together for life.

In just a few months after the commercial, the two tied the knot in real life. There is now a sequel to the same advertisement and Anushka Sharma shared it on her Twitter handle. She wrote on Twitter, “Celebrating love everyday #SaathSaathHamesha.

In the new ad, Anushka and Virat – dressed in Manyavar clothes – are attending their friends’ wedding, again. Instead of being observers – like the last time – they are warning the bride and groom how people change after the ‘I do’ bit is done.

“He will promise to cook 15 days a month but will order food when his turn comes,” Anushka tells an obviously startled bride, as Virat tells a bemused groom how he will lose “TV remote, AC remote and life ka remote.” After some bickering, they switch on to the silver lining with the cloud and – you guessed it – it ends happily for the celeb couple and their wary friends.
The ad begins with the text ‘one year later’ where Virat and Anushka are attending a wedding as a married couple. They are both warning the couple-to-be to think about taking the next step and in those warnings, they realise how the best part of a marriage lies in the little things that they do for each other.

The ad has been directed by Dhadak director Shashank Khaitan and was shared on social media by his mentor Karan Johar as well. “Lovely ad Shashank! And Virat is such a good actor!!!! Anushka and him sparkle in the ad!,


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