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The Sona Of Bollywood And The Razi Movie Actor Vicky Kaushal Had Given Perfect Click For Their Recent Photoshoot!

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The Welcome TO New York making us say just oo la la for her recent Bride magazine shoot with the super talented Vicky Kaushal. The fans of these two actors are totally impressed by their acting skills.

Vicky Kaushal already made his fans too proud by his recent hits. And his fans are totally satisfied with his acting ability And if we talk about the Sona of Bollywood then it seemed to be wanting to do much more than just acting. She has done several works before coming into Bollywood. She forayed into the world of music. And to be very fair her she definitely sounded more mellifluous.

Now these two Unconventional onscreen pairings are always a Pleasure. But to introduce one such refreshing pair as their cover stars is the leading Indian bridal magazine, Brides Today.

Sonakshi Sinha and Vicky Kaushal feature in November month’s edition as the modern Bride and Groom, playing muse to some of the stunning festive creations.

Sonakshi Sinha always finds a way to look stunning and make everyone wonder by her charm and also she never fails to mesmerize us with her penchant to ooze glamour from the simplest of the ensemble.

Vicky Kaushal is new in the film fraternity but he is not seems that he is newbie in Tinsel town. It seems that he is fashion conscious with his style choices. As refreshing their pairing looks on print, Vicky Kaushal and Sonakshi Sinha share some sizzling and amazing chemistry in recent photoshoot for Brides magazine this month.

And after watching these two Bollywood celluloid on the cover of Bride’s magazine are totally worth it. The fans are indeed with their photoshoot.

Now seeing their hot chemistry on the photoshoot we just want to say well done to Sonakshi Sinha and Vicky Kaushal!


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