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The Top Five Love Affair Of Mastani Of Bollywood !!

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Padmavat actress Deepika Padukone is all set to tie the knot with her longtime boyfriend Ranveer Singh. The Dimple girl Deepika Padukone is totally mad in love with our Bajirao and so does Ranveer. They seem quite happy with each other. And their perfect Jodi looks stunning in Bollywood.
Our Mastani is getting tons of love from her Bajirao. But the dimple had faced many heart breaks in her life. Yes we all know the biggest heart break of Deepika with the actor of Sanju Ranbir Kapoor. Everyone is aware about this heart break of Deepika. Mastani has also faced many heart breaks over her many failed love affair in Tinsel town. So here we bring the top five affair of dimple girl.
1. Nihar Pandya 
Nihar Pandya was the first man whom Deepika dated. They both met in an acting school in Mumbai in 2005 and since then they became friends, which soon oscillated into love. There were rumours that they were in leaving relation but after Deepika’s first hit movie she broke her relationship with Nihar pandey

2. Upen Patel 
Upen Patel is a well-known actor in Indian television world, and Upen was Deepika’s second affair after Nihar. However, it was much more of an infatuation rather than love as they both dated each other for a short period of time after which they parted ways. But some of their sensual pictures were viral on the social media platforms.

3. Muzammil Ibrahim
Muzammil is a Kashmiri model and the duo dated for a very short period before they broke up.

4. MS Dhoni 
Everyone, is aware that Deepika Padukone was in a relationship with Dhoni and the duo was rumoured to get married soon. Infact Our captain asked the Bollywood king about Deepika and because of Dhoni’s request the king Khan and king Khan had organised the special screening for them. However, the couple broke up after Deepika Padukone’s closeness with Yuvraj Singh during the matches.

5. Siddharth Mallya 
after dating the well-known cricketer our Mastani fell in love with Siddharth Mallya. This time she dated the son of Liquor baron Vijay Mallya, Siddharth Mallya. Sid even threw a lavish birthday celebration for our dimple girl. The couple was spotted together at IPL matches and found getting cozy with each other. However, after such closeness and togetherness, they couldn’t continue and broke up.

Well, well after all the heart break Mastani is getting hitched Bajirao. And we are very happy for these two love bird. And Ranveer Singh has recently confessed that our Dimple girl is humming bird for him.


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