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URI: The Surgical Strike Director Aditya Dhar: The Film Isn’t Made With A Motive To Undermine Another Country

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Uri: The Surgical Strike director Aditya Dhar: The film isn’t made with a motive to undermine another country Vicky Kaushal’s URI: The surgical strike had a roaring box office success just like it won the hearts and minds of the critics for its depiction of the events of Indian army’s surgical strike against Pakistan in 2016.

However, recently, a review of the film by Pakistani cinephile got viral. The reviewer suggested that the movie not only showed Pakistanis as easy targets but also glorified the war. And with everything that has been going on, the director has now responded to those who think the same.

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Director Aditya Dhar said in an interview how a person has to be evil to think war is a great thing. He said how peace is something everyone needs but if one has to defend the borders, all those elements have to be fought. He further added how as a filmmaker he just told the story in chronological order and his point was to simply portray the bravado of the army. He also added how soldiers don’t like to kill people. He then said that he did not make the film to undermine another country and that the film simply fights terrorism. Quoting a dialogue, he also said how the dialogue ‘Humari jung Pakistani janta se nahi hai‘ is simply proof what the intention was.

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Further, there have also been talks about how the film came about in the very year of elections and that it shows the government in a positive light. To this, he said how the release date was planned a year back and that January 11 seemed to be an ideal date given January 15 is army day followed by January 26 which is Republic Day. He said it is a tribute to the Army and there was no political backing. He concluded by saying the film is simply a portrayal of what happened.


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