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When Vidhu Vinod Chopra Called Manisha Koirala A ‘Terrible Actress’ During The Screentest Of 1942: A Love Story

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Manisha Koirala has penned her memoir Healed: How Cancer Gave Me A New Life and has made many interesting revelations about her Bollywood journey and her battle with cancer. Manisha was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was in New York for many months undergoing medical treatment. She won the battle against cancer and after five years, has made her comeback through a web series and films. Manisha recalled in the book how Vidhu Vinod Chopra dismissed Manisha Koirala as a ‘terrible actress’ during the screen test of 1942: A Love Story.

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Manisha revealed, “I remember my screen test for 1942: A Love Story. Veteran filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra had called me to do a scene. But to my disappointment, at the end of it he remarked: ‘Manisha, you were shit. You’re a terrible actress.” She shared that the warrior woman inside her was challenged and she requested him to give her 24 hours to come back for a second chance. She has penned how she went back home and practiced her lines over and over again.

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She has written that she practised so much that her mother was distressed and told her, “What are you doing to yourself? It’s okay if you don’t get this movie. Don’t kill yourself over it.”

The next day, after her performance, Vidhu Vinod Chopra was left stunned and remarked, “If this is the heart and soul that you promise to put into each scene of my movie, I will sign you up instead of Madhuri Dixit. Manisha, yesterday, you were at zero. You are at a hundred today.”


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