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Zeenat Aman’s Harasser Denied Bail A Second Time

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Veteran actress Zeenat Aman may not be a vocal participant in the #MeToo movement. But she has made sure to take on her alleged harasser businessman. In January this year Zeenat had filed a harassment charge against the businessman whom she had known for some years. Apparently she wanted to end the relationship when things got ugly between them.

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The businessman was soon arrested and denied bail. Now in a move that could have far-reaching implications, on November 1, Zeenat’s alleged stalker was denied bail a second time. Says a close friend of the actress, “She was worried about the safety of her family. Every time she stepped out she would be scared. And she would hold her breath for her sons to return home evening. Now with her harasser denied bail a second time she can breathe easy.”

The Me Too movement has made it impossible for those accused of sexual misconduct to get away easily.


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