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‘Zero’ Trailer Review: A Grand Romance, Drama and Much Charm

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With the amount of hype riding on it, the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Zero had the potential to backfire terribly. Much of the promotional material, which included a bizarre clip of SRK and Salman released last Eid, emojis of the main character and so on seemed hammy. Plus the release date was set for King Khan’s birthday. But perhaps we judged too soon.

The trailer opens with SRK’s Bauua, a small man with big dreams, who chances upon a picture of a girl (played by Anushka Sharma) after signing up for a matrimonial site and is determined to marry her. When he first meets her at an event at a school—she is apparently a scientist—he discovers she is wheelchair-bound and has cerebral palsy. This doesn’t seem to deter Bauua and he goes all out to win her over anyway.

Bauua tries to woo Anushka Sharma’s character.

About halfway through Bauua’s ambition seems to get the better of him. He appears to have second thoughts about ‘settling down’. This leads him to pursue a famous movie star (played by Katrina Kaif). A love triangle ensues, as does plenty of drama.

While we don’t get to see much of Katrina, Anushka and Shah Rukh’s chemistry is endearing to watch. Though Khan never eclipses his leading lady, much of the trailer shows Khan doing what he does best—playing the every man; the small town hero with big dreams.

Bauua in his hometown. 

There are what can perhaps be called some SRK signatures—a holi-themed song starring Khan set in the middle of a grand ballroom, SRK zipping across the dance floor, shots of him down and out on his luck but determined to turn things around and so on. His dialogue hints at the cheeky but sincere charm that earned SRK the title of the King of Romance back in the ‘90s.

A song sequence from the film.

Zero’s trailer reels us in with promises of a shiny film with grand romance and drama without revealing too much.

A still featuring Anushka Sharma’s character.

The shot of a rocket firing into space leaves us with one last hint of a sci-fi twist, and ensures we’ll be back to find out how it all ends. Mission accomplished?

Zero releases on 21 December.


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